How To Get Your Car Ready For Resale

When selling a car, the potential buyer’s aim is to get the most out of his or her money. A car with a serious mechanical malfunction is ripe for rejection, at worse, a lowball offer. Even minor problems can give potential buyers cold feet. Do not pass off “an easy fix” to the next potential owner. Besides, different people define (easy) differently. To avoid this, give you car a simple fix that will give your car a new improved look in addition to improving your resale price.

How to Fix Cars For Resale.

1). Carry out easy repairs.

Look all around your car, outside, inside, and under the engine and see what you can improve. Is the tail light burnt out or the side mirror broken? These are easy replacements that do not cost a lot. Check to make sure no warning lights indicate on the dashboard. If a repair costs excess of what you want to spend, divulge the problem to buyers. Honesty goes a long way.

2). Body paint job.

If the car’s paint job has seen better time, you can wax and polish as a way of restoring some lost shine. The difference between a super clean and a dingy car could be upwards of thousands of dollars.

3). Fix the dings and dents.

While most would not invest in a serious body work, small scratches can be polished out on an affordable budget. Check for garages that specialize in dent removal. Removing dents could get you a few extra thousand on the sales price.

4). Polish up the Front

If you have a brocken or worn out flash light, do a simple repair. Fixing lights means a quick trip to an auto parts store for a quick fix. Alternatively you can buy a headlight-cleaning agent that can leave the plastic light covers clear and brighter.

In the case of windows, costs involved in the repairing of cracks on the windshield are relatively low in relation to the amount that buyers will deduct from the overall price when you leave the damages.

5). The Interior.

For the interior it is easy to clean as well as vacuum the floor mats if they are dirty. If they are worn it is also easy and cheap to swap with new ones. Do not use household cleaners, materials in the car are different than those in furniture.

6). Wheels.

Take time to clean out the grime and dirt, use tire cleaning agents on the sidewalls. Check for wear and tear. If they are worn, you can at least replace with some matching used tires.

7). Door and windows.

Make sure that the doors open smoothly without applying too much strain. For the windows, make sure they can be opened and closed without malfunction. If the windows are automatic, and faulty, seek services of a mechanic for easy fix.


After carrying out the the needed fixes, you should put the car’s information in order. The selling process usually starts with the rounding up of paper work. Apart from acting as a proof of evidence, it also shows that you cared about your car.

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Do You Want to Do Your Own Bodywork?

If so, we plan on releasing a lot of informative videos on how to properly prep a car for paint. You can save a lot of money by either prepping and masking it yourself and then take it to a body shop to paint. The other option is to do it yourself. Now, bear in mind this is not recommended for someone that has never done this before. Paint and supplies can be expensive, and you also need adequate space and other equipment to do it right. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is possible to have a decent outcome. If quality is important to you, then leave it to the professionals. However if you want the satisfaction of doing it yourself, it is a very gratifying experience to say you painted your own car.

Take a look at this Youtuber that did the paint job on this car himself. It’s quite impressive considering he didn’t even have a proper paint booth.

What Results Can You Expect?

Good paintwork all comes down to many things. If you don’t have good prepwork, then even a professional painted won’t be able to even do a good job. It all comes down to the prep work making sure that you have all areas properly sanded. Spray on primer so that you can see the condition of the paint. This will let you know if the area requires more filler. Repeat this process over and over.